St. Edward Catholic Church and School

St. Edward Catholic Church

Mission Statement

St. Edward Church is a Catholic community of believers, rich in tradition and growing in diversity. Recognizing the equality of all persons in the eyes of God, we provide an atmosphere in which parishioners of all ages and cultures share faith through sacramental and Liturgical celebrations, ongoing faith-formation, support of our school and other social and spiritual events which enable us to connect our faith with the world in which we live and lead our members to eternal salvation.

St. Edward Catholic School

Mission Statement

Established in 1885, St. Edward is a Catholic School rich in tradition and striving to educate a diverse student body academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become well-rounded persons. In teaching life-long values and virtues in a compassionate and Christ-centered family environment, the pastor, faculty, staff and parents inspire St. Edward students to excel in every aspect of life and to carry this learning forth to the world.